The Tilapia Health Company

Ictyodev is a European company with a strong focus on (1) tilapia health and the development of vaccines and feed additives for tilapia (AQUA CRO Division) and (2) development of adjuvants for all production animals (ICTYOLANE ADJUVANTS Division). Indeed, it is the only health company with a division fully specialized in tilapia and has 40 years of cumulative expertise in tilapia health. The team at Ictyodev contains doctoral scientists, veterinarians and other highly skilled professionals encompassing four different nationalities.

Ictyodev has a biobank of representative pathogens for most diseases related to tilapia farming from various geographical locations and has developed robust challenge models for studying tilapia health.

At their headquarters in France, Ictyodev operates its own hatchery with specific pathogen-free tilapia, which contributes to better reliability in their tilapia health research and product development efforts. This is possible thanks to over 500 square metres of dedicated wet and dry labs. Technologies like ELISA (to follow vaccination serology under both lab and field conditions) and QPCR (for diagnostic purposes as well as to determine the expression of genes linked to fish immunity) are among the critical tools used to support their R&D efforts.

In addition to helping their customers develop and test tilapia vaccines and feed additives, one of their aims is to help develop practical mass application solutions for tilapia health, including immersion and oral vaccines.

The company holds Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which allows the company to offer GMP-approved test safety and potency batch release for commercial vaccines. GMP certification also indicates their commitment to high-quality standards, and they have a laboratory for pilot-scale fermentation and formulation processes for next-generation vaccine production.

Overall, Ictyodev is a highly specialized, innovative and well-equipped company dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of tilapia through research, vaccine development and other state-of-the-art solutions. Their focus on both current and future technologies indicates a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the tilapia farming industry. With this in mind, Ictyodev ensures it stays at the forefront of tilapia R&D so that it can be proactive and/or react quickly to emerging diseases that might threaten the industry.

Lauke Labrie Cedric Komar