Our team

Our team comprises individuals from five different nationalities, including veterinarians, PhD holders and other remarkable professionals.

Leadership Team

Cédric Komar

General Director

Veterinarian, executive MBA from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), Manager of the Aqua Business Unit of a MSD Animal Health in Asia for eight years. Introduced the first tilapia vaccines on the market.

Lauke Labrie

Scientific Director

Veterinarian with a specialized MSc in Aquatic Veterinary Studies, responsible for fish vaccine development for MSD Animal Health in Singapore for eight years. Four patents in vaccinology.

Laurent Dupuis

Galenic and Innovations Director

PhD, 20 years of business experience in adjuvant product development and as a commercial manager for animal adjuvants.

Stéphane Ascarateil

Adjuvant Business Manager

Biochemist, 22 years of business experience in adjuvant technology and manufacturing as a laboratory manager, development manager and manager of injectable products.

Beatriz Miguelena Chamorro

Associate Scientific Director

Veterinarian specialized in immunology, bacteriology and mucosal vaccines. Possesses an MSc in Vaccinology and a PhD with a focus on advancing mucosal vaccine research and immune response monitoring.

Operations Team

Christelle Portier

Administrative Officer

Master’s in management and finance – 20 years’ experience. Enjoys cooking.

Fanny Poncet

Quality Assurance Officer

Professional license in quality management – 20 years’ experience. DYI specialist.

Anne Olivier

Laboratory Assistant

University Technology Diploma in Biological Engineering – 12 years’ experience – marathon runner.

Guilaine Michard

Laboratory Assistant

Biological engineer – 10 years’ experience. Loves to travel.

Emma Belhout

Laboratory Assistant

Advanced technician certificate in chemistry – passionate about crochet and climbing.

Julien Pantel

Animal Husbandry Manager

Advanced Technician’s certificate in aquaculture – 16 years’ experience – team leader. Loves to spend time with his kids.

Antoine Beaufol

Animal Husbandry Specialist

Advanced Technician’s certificate in aquaculture – 5 years’ experience – Passionate about fishing.

Alain Calais

Animal Husbandry Specialist

Postgraduate specialized studies diploma in aquaculture – 20 years’ experience – hatchery specialist – passionate about aquariophily.

Espoir Soude

Animal Husbandry Specialist

Master of Science in aquaculture – 5 years’ experience – passionate about music.


Security Officer

MSc in Security – 7 years’ experience- free hugs.

Spontaneous Job Application

At our company, prioritizing the well-being of individuals is our core value, and we are committed to ensuring that our team members find happiness in their work environment. As we frequently have new opportunities, if you are passionate about animal health and would like to become part of our exceptional team, please submit your application here.