Crafting vaccine adjuvant formulations for farmed animals demands specialized expertise and experience. Leveraging our 100 years of combined proficiency in adjuvant formulation, we have successfully developed a comprehensive suite of adjuvants known as ICTYOLANE.

Our Proprietary Adjuvant Technologies

Oily phase
Aqueous phase (antigen)
Water in oil (W/O) emulsion Ellicacy

Water in oil (W/O) emulsion

Microemulsion New technology

New technology

Polymer dispersion Polymeric adjuvant

Polymer dispersion
Polymeric adjuvant

Water in oil in water (W/O/W) Dual properties

Water in oil in water
Dual properties

Oil in water (0/W) emulsion Flexible and safe

Oil in water (0/W) emulsion
Flexible and safe

Animal Species Covered

Flexible one- or two-shot formulation

Multiple emulsions (w/o/w) or microemulsions for improved safety and efficacy

Injectable adjuvant for eradication programmes

Adjuvant for autogenous vaccines

Robust oil formulation for autogenous vaccines

Aqueous microemulsions for in-ovo vaccination

Injectable oil adjuvant

Aqueous microemulsions for mucosal vaccination

Oral vaccines

The science behind our adjuvants:

Our commercial Ictyolane adjuvants are developed from bench to market after a selection for their immunological properties based on R&D in a murine model and in the target animal specie(s). By design, we constantly improve our knowledge on structure-to-function relationships to optimize the adjuvant’s efficacy and safety. We perform in-depth immunological mechanisms of action studies on each of our Ictyolane adjuvants by using best in class, modern analysis techniques such as ELISA, ELISPOT, FLUOROSPOT or FLOW CYTOMETRY.

Our preferred innovative themes

Revolutionizing galenic design through the introduction of new products and applications, and continually pushing the frontiers of innovation.

  • Adjuvant Technological Platform
  • Sustainable
  • Cost Efficient
  • Faster Elimination at the Injection Site
  • Less Vaccine Remnants
  • Less Antigens to be Injected
  • Less Doses to be Injected
  • Innovative Vaccination Routes : Oral – Spray – Mucosal – In-Ovo – Immersion

Our production capacity

Our existing industrial blending capacity stands at 2,000 metric tons per year. Our standard batch sizes range up to 10 metric tons.

Serving four continents with customer-centricity

Serving customers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, we bring a century of cumulative expertise to the livestock industry. Our adjuvant team is proactive, dedicated and 100% customer oriented. We can serve our customer on time and with flexibility and professionalism.

EXCiPACT® and ISO 9001 certified

Equipment qualification/calibration, process scaling up, process validation, stability studies, QC and QA : all parameters are comprehensively addressed to guarantee industrial reproducibility and repeatability. We put a particular emphasis on quality with special attention to raw ingredient selection and compliance for traceability.

We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2022 regarding the manufacturing of excipients for veterinary products.

In 2023, we achieved EXCiPACT® certification for the manufacturing of oil excipients dedicated to pharmaceutical use.