Introducing Ictyodev

Based in France, we function as an independent animal health laboratory, focusing on three primary areas:

1. Developing and bringing to market vaccine adjuvants for various farm animal species

Our contribution to the agri-food industry is reflected in the development of a comprehensive and revolutionary range of adjuvants for all types of vaccines across various livestock species. What sets Ictyodev apart is our customer-centric approach and our commitment to researching more effective and safer adjuvant applications for our dedicated partners within the vaccine manufacturing sector. With a dedicated team and a proactive approach, we work tirelessly to maintain a forward-thinking stance in all our endeavours. Our efforts are directed towards aligning with the goals of the customer and contributing to the advancement of global health through innovative solutions and steadfast support.

2. Conducting contract research and providing services in tilapia health, functioning as both a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO).

What sets Ictyodev apart in tilapia health is our unique ability to independently lead vaccine development projects from inception to completion. From strain isolation to product registration, we handle every aspect of the process. It’s our integrated and proactive approach that holds significant value for our customers in the veterinary industry. This commitment to guiding projects seamlessly, coupled with our independence, is a distinctive aspect that our customers appreciate and find valuable.

3. Delivering tailored diagnostic solutions for tilapia.

In an emerging industry like tilapia farming, disease diagnosis and monitoring play a pivotal role in comprehending the swiftly evolving vaccine requirements. It is this focused approach that consistently enables us to anticipate the most relevant future developments. Our emphasis on diagnostic and monitoring capabilities enables us to stay proactive and maintain a leading edge in the dynamic landscape of tilapia health.