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                    TILAPIA HEALTH                    


We focus on tilapia Fish health Vaccine Development


Ictyodev proposes standardized challenge models for efficacy and safety evaluation for various study types. Our primary focus is to offer challenge models for the most important diseases of Tilapia.

We offer models to suit the needs of aquatic animal pharmaceutical, biological and nutritional studies. These challenge models are equally suitable for the testing of specific disease resistance in breeding and genetic selection programs.


We equally offer to set-up custom made challenge models up on demand.

The types of studies range from proof of concept and screening studies to regulatory studies used for registration dossiers.

We can test a large range of products such as v
accines, immune stimulants, feed additives such as enzymes, yeast, probiotics etc.


Vaccines Against Fish Diseases


We offer diagnostics and disease screening through real-time PCR for most pathogens of tilapia:

A non-exhaustive list of pathogens we can test for include:


Streptococcus agalactiae Ia; Ib; III

Streptococcus dysgalactiae

Streptococcus iniae

Lactococcus garviae

Francisella noentunensis subsp. orientalis

Edwardsiella spp.

Aeromonas spp.



Vibrio vulnificus

Flavobacterium columnare

We also offer vaccination campaign monitoring through ELISA analysis of serum from vaccinated Fish in our Fish Contract Research Organization.

Oral Veterinary Vaccines Manufacturer
Tilapia Fish Vaccine Development


Product development in Aquatic Animal Health (AAH): 

  • AAH product development strategy

  • Assistance for defining product specifications

  • Drafting of development protocols

  • Audit of dossiers

  • Expert reports

R&D and Production audit: 

With our expert team in AAH, independent in-depth audits can be performed on request. Our expertise lies in quality audits with attention to detail: quality assurance site set up, SOP set up, SOP audits, challenge system set up, challenge robustness improvement, site acquisition audits, product acquisition audits.

Training Services


Ictyodev offers tailor-made training programmes on various topics dealing with fish health.


Examples of areas covered are:

Fish disease and disease prevention

Vaccine development

Fish disease diagnostics

Fish disease epidemiology


Our team also offers a tailor-made “Project Leader Training Programme” which aims to transfer basic knowledge involved in an aquatic animal and Tilapia Fish vaccine development project from start to finish

All training courses combine a theoretical transfer of knowledge and know-how, together with interactive sessions, hands-on wet lab training and assignments.

A special guest house is available on site for specific training programs.

Fish Contract Research Organization

Contributing To the Advancement of Rare Illness Research

Disease and poor health are crucial impediments to long-term aquaculture growth. ICTYODEV creates environmentally friendly Fish Disease vaccines to improve fish survival, development, and production efficiency for key farmed species.
We provide long-established and effective Fish Contract Research that aids in developing and testing aquaculture and fisheries products such as parasiticides, antibiotics, vaccines, feeds, and feed additives.
ICTYODEV is entirely devoted to Tilapia Vaccine Development and believes vaccinations play a vital role in achieving sustainable fish aquaculture. Vaccination is becoming more widely used in the world's major Tilapia farming regions, opening the path for improved fish welfare and significantly reducing antibiotic use.

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